Univers by FTE: The brand

        In UNIVERS by FTE, we believe that quality is a high value to reach. Due to this, we apply all our experience and technological advances to our products in order to be able to offer this quality. This fact is demonstrated by the long trajectory of the FTE MAXIMAL brand. 
        The new philosophy in which we are working on UNIVERS by FTE is based on the experience mentioned before, and on the conviction of offering products that are thought through, making day to day life easier. 
All of this is supported by a business present in the stock exchange, and a world leader in the Satellite Receivers production. 
       We invite you to have a look at our website, and inform yourself about out products and their purchase conditions. Everything comes with the security of a brand that is investing constantly in R+D+I as well as being competitive for the latest technological advances.

Commercial Department,